We have entered the new era.

Now more than ever fearless, empowered women are pushing the
boundaries of the creative industry and achieving the once impossible;
rewriting the gender stereotypes.

Designed by the Badass Gal community, this fashion collection – called Fearless
Types – celebrates the new era for women and calls out to the next generation to
be bolder, more fearless and ready to leave an even bigger mark.
Together, we can rewrite the stereotypes forever.

All profits raised from your purchase will go towards Badass Gal and the
Young Creative Council to help host future events, workshops, talks and more
to champion equality in the creative industries.

 And remember, if you know a Badass Gal, we’d love to feature them.
Please nominate your Badass Gal here.  



A huge thank you to Haygarth and Marcus, agency CEO, for their continued
support of the Badass Gal shop. 

Haygarth is a brand engagement agency set on creating powerful ideas
that Amaze and Persuade.

With a workforce gender split of 60/40 in favour of women across all levels,
Haygarth has always been at the forefront of promoting gender diversity
in the creative industry.

Check out the amazing work Haygarth is doing here: www.haygarth.co.uk

A massive thank you to Jacko & Billy at Mum & Dad Studios
who kindly loaned us their studio.